It’s all in the prelim to assist efficiency.translation management

Your new language service provider will have worked with hundreds of clients and worked their way through thousands of words.

Once you’ve touched base with your account manager, now’s the time to make your translation management as simple and hassle-free as possible, and maintain quality from the get-go.

High-quality translations, immediately

In the first instance, send your contact as much supporting material as you can. The idea being that your account manager is fast-tracked into understanding your business; how you work, how you like things done and, perhaps most importantly, how you like your written content to communicate to the world.

This will help your account manager understand your brand style, use of language, preferred terminologies, etc. All this information can then be passed down to the translators, so that tone of voice is of the highest standard.

For example, an ‘out there’ digital marketing agency will have a very different way of communicating than a corporate lawyer and law firm and have different translation requirements.

Support materials assist with accuracy and speed

Brand guidelines, annual reports, marketing and promotional evidence, media articles, internal communications are examples of the kind of background materials which will help with meaning and accuracy. Anything you can give to your agency account manager will help translators and editors understand context.

Context is the specific place a word or sentence sits, and its meaning as a result. So putting those words in the right context is essential. For example, and at its simplest level, ‘May’ is a month of the year as well as a verb, and using it out of context will result in an incorrect translation.

Translation tools for simple translations

Supplying as much information as possible will also help your agency to work with you to build glossaries and reserved words, which are preferred words that must be translated a certain way. This can also include words (such as product names, company taglines) that mustn’t be changed, under any circumstances.
marketing translationsNike rarely changes its ‘Just do it’ tagline in different markets because it is such a strong, historic and recognisable piece of work that it can hold its own wherever in the world it appears.

Save time in the approval process

So send your agency as many of these words and phrases as possible. Once they are built into your first few translations it will be easier to sign-off and approve jobs as you’ve already informed your translation agency how some of your content should be translated. So, ideally, there will be fewer errors.

Incredibly simple ways to ensure high-quality and lower cost translations – which will reach more customers, more international markets and unlock even greater sales potential.

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By Ben Whittacker-Cook