Interview with Straker CEO and Founder, Grant Straker.

Please check out this video of Grant Straker talking about the new game-changing deal between IBM and Straker Translations

What we do

  • Streamline & Scale

    Straker helps leading technology companies streamline and scale the ability to communicate across regions

  • E-commerce

    Straker works with major e-commerce providers to localise their product websites into multiple languages 

  • Global Manufacturers

    Straker provides leading global manufacturers with the ability to easily push out new products into multiple markets

  • Financial Instituions

    Straker helps major finance institutions deliver quarterly market reports in multiple languages

  • Media Companies

    Straker enables global media companies to provide content in multiple languages across multiple platforms

  • SME’s

    Straker enables thousands of SME’s to cost-effectively  cross border trade without language as a barrier

The Market Opportunity

The global market for language services is large, at an estimated US$43bn in 2017. It is expected to grow at an estimated CAGR of over 9% up until 2022 to US$67 billion supported by factors such as increasing levels of globalization, the rapid increase in online and offline content being produced, the economic emergence of new markets with specific language requirements and European regulatory requirements. Typical content that is translated includes product brochures, operating manuals, legal documents and websites.

Where we are

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