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Increase your global sales

as we remove the major barriers to cross border trade using Magento.

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  • Total automation of the translation process.

  • Simple install and setup of translation extension in your Magento store.

  • Quality human translation at cost-effective rates.

  • Scalable to over 80 languages and thousands of products.

  • Powerful dashboards make project management a breeze.


Select your source and target stores, languages.


Select the elements to translate.


Select the items to translate and get an instant quote directly from your Magento admin console.


Easily manage translation jobs, place orders and view progress.

Publish the translations into your selected store at the simple click of a button.

Total control of the translation process

Our customer dashboard gives you total control of the translation process, you can view real time job progress, add languages, adjust projects, manage your team and view invoices.

How to get started?

  • 2. Install the extension in your Magento store
  • 3. Register for a Magento API key and you are ready to go

Free developer support from our Magento translation tech support team, go straight to GitHub to install or read our help and install documentation.

Straker Translations Magento 2 coming soon


Up to 50% lower translation costs

Our repetition engine tracks repeating phrases and costs accordingly, it does not count exact matches in the cost of the translation.

All translations via our Magento translation plugin are stored in your own unique translation memory store, reducing the cost of future translation.

Translators are assigned based on your product types and language pairs.

Real time reporting on projects, costs, memory and timeframes.

InDesign translation processes

eCommerce translation solutions

Our Magento extension fixes the traditional pain points associated with multilingual cross border trade

Magento translation made easy

Preferences, percentages and purchasing patterns – courtesy of our Magento infographic

InDesign translation processes

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