RAY Translation.
Ai powered, automated.

Developed over the past decade, RAY has enabled advanced hybrid human and machine translations and has tools to automate and streamline the translation process.

RAY helps you work faster and smarter

Successful companies in all industries aren’t necessarily working harder, but they are working smarter, and faster. Straker Translations understands the amazing work done by Ai in bringing the translation industry into the 21st century. We lead the way in blending human operation and machine intelligence in a way that reduces complexity and cost.

Straker’s Ai Powered RAY is made up of a suite of components developed over a decade to cover every facet of the translation process. What is the point of technology in translation unless it is making your life easier and lowering the cost?

We don’t sell RAY, our customers get free use of it when we provide them with translation services.
There is no need to pay monthly costs or high project specific costs to get access to RAY’s features and benefits.

  • Order a Translation

  • Track Progress

  • Assign Users

  • Give Access to your validators

  • Get reports & make payments

The RAY JOB PORTAL is Straker Translations’ comprehensive project management platform, which streamlines the control of translation projects. Its features allow our teams to have total control – ensuring that you get a fast, top quality and great value translation service

DELTARAY is your secure customer dashboard where you can order a translation, track progress, assign users, give access to your validators, get reports and make payments – alongside a comprehensive range of other time-saving functions.

The RAY MT PLATFORM is our bespoke machine translation engine that assists translators. It has separate memory capabilities per client, enabling more intuitive and higher quality text matches each time a translator saves content.

The RAY Translation WORKBENCH is our bespoke translation engine that assists translators. It has separate memory capabilities per client, enabling more intuitive and higher-quality text matches each time a translator saves content.

STINGRAY is the world’s leading enterprise level translation API, enabling easy automation and streamlining of the complete translation process. It perfectly balances the need for seamless translation automation with ease of integration and simplicity of use.

The RAY VENDOR PORTAL is Straker Translations’ powerful translator management portal. It allows us to easily manage more than 10,000 professional freelance translators. These translators are tested, scored, ranked and then tracked as they complete projects. 

XRAY is an intelligent data analytics engine for translation services.
It improves quality and lowers costs by allowing easy to access meaningful data insights in real time.