Translation Automation

Use Straker Translations APIs – Fully integrate translations into your way of working

Easily translate your content with an API connection

 Your custom-built API delivers your content fast – to get your translations into the translation process quickly and easily.
All you have to do is connect to our translation portal via a free customer API.

Our custom API connects directly to your website, so you can send translation projects to your preferred translator at the click of a button. APIs can cope with huge volumes of content so they’re perfect if you’re working across multiple translation projects and have a high demand.

Choose from our unique pricing models for API translations and build your unique library of keywords, taglines, brand preferences, styles guides and industry-specific terminologies which you need to be translated the same way across all your future translations. You can easily integrate translations online into your workflows with our free API without ever having to email or call us.

The main benefit is seamless translation management. There’s no need to copy and paste content and send it to us. You don’t even need to tell us which parts of already translated pages or content has been updated – we’ll pick it all up.

Benefit from simple drag and drop or click functionality for easy content and language selection.

Order translations directly in your back-end with our free to download and simple-to-use API connectors.

Then manage your translations online in deltaRAY – your free account dashboard.

Technology for even simpler translations

  • Choose what to translate:
    Select the content, source and target languages you want to translate

  • Place an order:
    Our specialist and professional native translators will localize your content

  • Track job progress in deltaRAY:
    You can track project progress, manage payments, look up items in memory and add colleagues to your user groups

  • Approve and publish:
    You get automatic alerts when content is ready for publishing through your source platform. Then sign-off and publish

The Marketing Benefits

  • Professional on-demand translations by human translators in your key market languages
  • User-friendly plugin that’s designed by marketers for marketers
  • Simple drag and drop, and click, content and language selection options
  • No need to extract, copy and paste and email
  • Time-saving integration and manage translations directly in your back-end

The IT Benefits

  • Simple to install direct download which is user-friendly for your marketing and sales teams
  • Online help documentation for all our services
  • Technical support from in-house API developers
  • Free upgrades from any existing plugins
  • Time-saving integration into your workflows so your colleagues can manage the whole translation process

Contact us to discuss whether an integration would suit your translation needs

  • How many employees does your company have?
  • Business enquiries only, please. Any enquiries about translator positions will be ignored.