Legal Translation Services

Language solutions for high volume legal matters

High-quality legal document translation services

If you’re starting an early case assessment for a potential cross-border dispute, kicking off an M&A due diligence project or launching an international investigation, you’ll want to build a case quickly and efficiently.

As a legal translation company, we can provide a wide range of ‘best practice’ legal translation advice and options so your review teams can make important decisions in the time-sensitive and complex legal environment.

You can also draw confidence from the fact that your documents are translated by certified legal translators, adept in both source and target languages. And therefore, bring in a greater degree of accuracy and speed.

Add translation memory, reserved words and glossary lists to drive accuracy and consistency across your legal organization.

Order, review, sign-off and pay for your translations in your online account dashboard for extra efficiency.

We automate the importing and exporting of your legal content to get your translations into the translation process quickly and easily.

Maintaining quality in the legal sector

Make changes and provide feedback on translations through our online validation platform for future projects. Legal clients can also send us a glossary of pre-approved industry-specific terms that need to be translated in a particular way – which is imperative in the legal world. This keeps your very specific legal terms safe as you go forward.

Translation memory can resurface all your previous legal translations with us so that when a legal language translator is working on your next project and comes across words that have been translated before, they will show up automatically in the new translation. Repeat words are translated at no extra cost.

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Total clarity across your projects; including job status, delivery and pricing.

We use translation tech to quickly get your content in front of our human translators.

You save money on translations through our flexible payment plans and time-saving translation management platform

Use our technology to add quality and consistency to your global activities

Glossaries and Reserved Words

Glossaries and reserved words are a simple and free way for us to help drive accuracy, speed and quality for our customers. With a glossary, you can build your own unique store of commonly used words and phrases which have to be translated in a certain way, or not translated at all. These rules can be applied across all your translation projects to ensure consistency and ongoing accuracy.

Validation Platform

Validation enables your chosen reviewers to feedback on the translation by using simple functions. To feedback, the reviewer simply highlights any piece of text and writes a comment in the margin, very similar to common word processing platforms. You can mark up any changes to the translated text that need to appear in the future translation.

Translation Memory

Your memory is a unique store of words and phrases that you’ve had previously translated with us. Translators can see these stored words on all new translation projects and they’ll know they won’t need to translate them again. This helps with consistency and as there’s less unique content to translate, which speeds up translation times. As we don’t charge for repetitions your costs lower over time.


DELTARAY is your free online client dashboard where you can order translations, track job progress, build your own translator and validator teams, and sign-off on translations. All from your secure client login, ensuring translation management is transparent, simple and efficient.

In DELTARAY, your free account dashboard, you can:

  • Enjoy seamless management by using DELTARAY online
  • Quickly push through translations with simple job ordering
  • Stay on top of deadlines by tracking job progress
  • Choose your own team of reviewers and preferred translators