Marketing Content Translation Services

Translate your blogs, articles and PR collateral to reach more customers

We know the pain marketers have in getting fast, accurate and contextually correct marketing documents, websites, audio and video localized. That’s why we  built a continuous translation platform that uses data assets to drive accuracy and speed like never before.

Translate all your blogs, articles and public relations activities to give your global organization a local voice.

Brand assets

Using our FREE, RAY Translation Platform we store the tone and brand guidelines that are set at the start of the project. This gives consistency of content and protects your branding

Visual context translation

Our professional translators have tools in RAY that allow them to work in-context through a web browser across a range of file formats. This interface captures the exact page layout so they can translate in context.

Easy website translations

We have powerful tools built into our RAY translation platform that allows you to easily translate marketing-based websites.
From custom API connectors to pre-built plugins for popular CMS platforms, we have a complete suite of solutions for website translation

Relax With Project Control At Your Fingertips

We know the translation component of marketing projects normally happens at the end of the process and when time is getting tight. You can relax on hitting your deadlines as you will have complete visibility on the progress and stage of translation jobs through our online client translation dashboard.

You can also add translation memory, reserved words and glossary lists to build your own unique bank of terms to guarantee quality, speed and low costs.

Reach more customers through your marketing channels

SEM Translations
Promote your website with translations to increase search engine visibility.

Audio/Video Translations
Get your video marketing translated and localized to meet customer expectations.

Advertising Translations
Use translation and localization for high-quality creative marketing that works.

Email Marketing Translations
Localize your email marketing to get higher open rates across outbound campaigns.

Website Translations
Kick-start your website marketing translations for on-brand, consistent marketing translations.

Social Media Translations
All your posts, likes, follows and social media words in your key market languages.

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