sunRAY™ is Straker Translations’ comprehensive project management platform, which streamlines and simplifies the control of translation projects. Its features allow our teams to have total control – ensuring that you get a fast, top quality and great value translation service.

Here are some of the key features of sunRAY™ that enable Straker Translations to offer an unparalleled translation service to our customers.

  • Import and export of content from popular file formats
    The sunRAY™ parsers are all pre-built and fully integrated into the platform. Other agencies charge for custom parsers or have additional costs associated with file management
  • 24/7 project management 
    For round-the-clock job tracking between our Asia Pacific, North America and Europe offices
  • Rapid quoting
    sunRAY™ integrates with our xRAY™ translation analytics engine, using super-fast data analysis to generate accurate quotes within minutes. The best price is based on tracking historical data points on the language pair, subject domain and translator availability. This ensures you always get the best value quote
  • Terminology & translator management 
    Through integration with our data analytics engine xRAY™ and translator management platform lightRAY ™, sunRAY™ tracks and stores all the vital information on your projects to be reused for future gains

sunRAY™ links together our three global production centres enabling seamless 24/7 project management for our customers around the globe.


RAY is the Straker Translations world leading translation technology platform

Our complete technology stack simplifies and lowers the cost of translation services


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