xRAY™ is an intelligent data analytics engine for translation services.

It improves quality and lowers costs by allowing easy to access meaningful data insights in real time.

Making data count in the translation process

Straker Translations’ RAY technology platform is superior to most of the world’s other translation solutions which are passive systems.  Many of which are unable to use the vast amounts of data available to gain an improved commercial outcome for customers.

Our ultraRAY translation workbench pulls valuable data out of xRAY to make translators’ workflows faster.

  •  How text should be split to produce the best outcomes for the translator in our workbench: by sentence, paragraph, etc.
  • What is the normal rate a translator will work on this type of content and language pair to predict time-frames
  • Accessing available glossaries to improve the outcome in terms of time or speed

Our sunRAY™ translation management platform uses xRAY™ to assist with selecting the right translators for your projects.

  • Finding the most suitable translator for the type of content and languages of your project
  • Choosing the translator who produces the best quality outcomes and delivers at the fastest rate

Big Data is changing the world and the translation industry is not escaping. Here are some of the ways in which xRAY™ can add efficiencies to the translation process:

  • It allows us to know which translators will go faster on your content but produce excellent quality
  • It can track how content should be broken down (paragraph, sentence or phrase) for a given language pair to speed up the translation
  • It can introspect content and evaluate how much a post edit translation will save you

RAY is the Straker Translations world leading translation technology platform

Our complete technology stack simplifies and lowers the cost of translation services


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