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  • Total automation of the translation workflow process.
  • Simple installation and setup of the WordPress connector.
  • Powerful dashboards make project management a breeze.
  • Unique pricing models to scale your content needs.
  • Big data gets your content in front of the right human translator.

Scalable pricing

The industry’s preferred time-based pricing option ensures that you get more content translated for less, relative to the size and scale of your translation projects.

Total project control

Centralized online dashboard to track job progress, manage teams and place orders and view invoices to ensure budgets are met, freeing you of monotonous admin tasks.

Simple set up

We’re here to help if you have any set up or support questions. You can utilise our forum and browse our detailed help guide at any time.

Right content, right people

Submit your source and target languages and preferred URL format, then select the content to translate and your project will begin in seconds. We use complex algorithms to match your content to the right human translator to ensure you get the quality you need.

Download our WordPress Plugin here:

Up to 50% lower translation costs

Our repetition engine tracks repeating phrases and costs accordingly, it does not count exact matches in the cost of the translation.

All translations via our WordPress translation plugin are stored in your own unique translation memory store, reducing the cost of future translation.

Translators are assigned based on your product types and language pairs.

Real time reporting on projects, costs, memory and timeframes.

Download our WordPress PDF here: